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News & Views from CBA

Federal government considering taxing benefit plans – urgent issue

The Federal government is considering taxing employer contributions to benefit plans. In its review of the tax system prior to the upcoming 2017 Federal Budget, 150 tax credits are being evaluated for possible removal – including the employee sponsored health care tax exemption. The government has not yet confirmed an intention to proceed with this […]


A lovely thank you letter from Monica Place

During the holiday season, we made Monica Place our charity of choice, with a donation from CBA as well as donations and gifts from our employees. We’ve just received a wonderful letter of thanks from Monica Place: Dear Friends at CBA Canada: On behalf of Monica Place, we are most grateful for your donation of so […]


Christmas donation to Monica Place

At CBA Canada, we believe in providing support to and connecting with our community. This year, we’ve decided to make Monica Place our charity of choice for Christmas 2016. CBA donated $2,500 to Monica Place, and our generous employees made donations and gave gifts as well. Monica Place “supports two lives at a time” and […]