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News & Views from CBA

CBA Canada Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Carolyn Zinken, CBA Canada Benefit Consultant, has completed her Certification in Psychological Health and Safety. Carolyn is now one of just 186 advisors across Canada who is certified through Canadian Mental Health Association to help organizations implement a Psychological Health and Safety Program based on the National Standard of […]


2017 Government Benefits Abstract

The 2017 Government Benefit Abstract has been created to provide you with an “at a glance” reference document for the fundamental government benefit values/amounts in 2017. CBA has researched the data to save you time and effort. We hope you find it useful. The PDF is available in both English and French:  


Federal government considering taxing benefit plans – urgent issue

The Federal government is considering taxing employer contributions to benefit plans. In its review of the tax system prior to the upcoming 2017 Federal Budget, 150 tax credits are being evaluated for possible removal – including the employee sponsored health care tax exemption. The government has not yet confirmed an intention to proceed with this […]