The right partner. The right solution.

CBA offers a complete range of group benefit consulting services, making CBA the partner businesses trust to ensure they have the right plan in place, year after year.

Group Benefit Consulting

Our broad capabilities and the depth of our service offering allow us to develop and support comprehensive group benefit programs for our clients.

Plan Design and Oversight

CBA works with our clients to determine their specific human resource and corporate objectives, then assists in the design of a plan best suited to meet those goals. Our extensive expertise allows us to design solutions that range from traditional or flexible benefit plans to health care or lifestyle spending accounts.

Plan Tendering

Plan tenderings are conducted on a regular basis to ensure our clients have the most competitive pricing. Based on the strong relationships we have with our carriers we are able to leverage the outcomes.

Annual Renewal

CBA conducts an annual renewal process that includes the analysis of the existing plan as well as carrier negotiations to improve the effectiveness of the plan, its delivery and pricing.

Funding and Financial Controls

Whether the best outcome is fully insured, refund accounting, administrative services only (ASO), stop-loss, or other funding option, CBA has extensive experience with all methods of plan funding.

Benefit Pricing

CBA’s technical experts verify all provider pricing to ensure competitive outcomes for the client. We also assist clients by providing resources to assist in collective agreement negotiations to ensure responses are timely, competitive and accurate.


CBA delivers unique value-added services that help clients effectively administer and manage their programs year after year, including qualitative and quantitative benchmarking that help ensure your plan remains effective.

Risk Management

There are many different ways to fund a group benefit plan. The best approach can only be determined from a focused review of each client’s risk tolerance and plan design.

Compliance and Knowledge Sharing

There are many changes that impact client benefit plans. We ensure clients are up to date as new developments occur.

  • Government Legislative Updates – changes to province healthcare programs
  • Carrier/Industry updates
  • CBA Informer – bi-monthly newsletter

Actuarial Reviews

When requested, CBA provides post-employment benefit valuations, prepared by our actuarial consulting team.