Expert advisors. Comprehensive solutions.

CBA’s group retirement practice is expert in delivering customized, diverse and comprehensive solutions.

Group Retirement

CBA develops and implements effective group retirement and savings programs that help employees meet their retirement and saving goals and support employers in providing a strategic and sustainable platform to drive improved employee and corporate performance.


CBA’s Group Retirement consultants offer our clients exceptional expertise and technical experience in the design and administration of a diverse range of defined benefit and defined contribution group retirement programs. Our valuable insight and experience allows us to engage effectively with both employers and employees, ensuring the long-term success of the plan.


CBA is focused on developing group retirement programs that address the corporate strategies of the organization and are relevant to employees and their financial and retirement objectives. Through a continuum of planning, education and review, we help ensure that our retirement plans are right for your company and your employees, today and for the long term.

Risk Management

CBA works with our clients to minimize risk, contain costs and deliver a superior return on investment. Our solutions are finance driven, and effectively align with strategic corporate objectives.

A Long Term Partnership

CBA believes the partnerships we build with our clients should be lasting. That’s why we deliver unique value-added services that help clients effectively administer and manage their programs year after year. Qualitative and quantitative benchmarking help ensure your plan remains effective. Training and education support help administrators work efficiently and employees get the most from their retirement plans. And as an advisor, we help each of our clients keep up to date with the industry changes that affect their business and their plan.