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Our group retirement consultants ensure your plan is designed and managed in the way that best meets the needs of your business and your employees.

Group Retirement Consulting

Our broad capabilities and the depth of our experience allow us to develop and support comprehensive retirement solutions for our clients.

Plan Design and Oversight

Our retirement consultants apply a broad range of valuable skills and experiences when supporting clients in the design and management of their employees’ retirement programs.

We continually engage in program initiatives that help attract and retain valuable employees through competitive retirement plan design, effective retirement planning education and hands-on service delivery. At the same time, our retirement consultants help ensure that program governance, plan funding and corporate financial objectives are successfully achieved, while ensuring that regulatory compliance and reporting requirements are met.


A key element in the successful management of a retirement plan is the effective and diligent review of the program’s investment funds, including:

  • Investment policy and procedures development and enhancement
  • Investment fund selection, monitoring and industry benchmarking
  • In-depth analysis of asset class composition within plan or individual savings portfolios
  • Analysis and communication of investment related legislative changes and emerging investment trends

Compliance and Documentation

CBA plays a proactive role in the governance and oversight of our clients’ retirement plans. Compliance with federal and provincial statutes and regulations, as well as CAP (Capital Accumulation Plan) Guidelines and related industry best practices are an important component of a well managed program. Our services include the timely preparation of plan texts and amendments and various government reports for retirement plans.

Risk Management

Our consultative approach ensures that inherent risks associated with plan design and funding, investments, government compliance, member education and general plan administration best practices are a priority and constantly under review as we help our clients manage their programs.

Service Provider Selection and Tendering

Critical to a well governed retirement plan is the effective oversight of service providers. CBA’s process ensures that administration, investment and trustee/custodial service providers assigned to our clients’ programs deliver competitive services and fees. We proactively design and maintain a regular and diligent review of these services in conjunction with our clients’ service provider review practices.

Plan Terminations and Conversions

The termination or conversion of a group retirement plan, particularly a defined benefit pension plan, can be a complex and expensive process for employers. CBA’s extensive experience with plan terminations and conversions allows us to support these changes within required cost-containment parameters and to the ultimate satisfaction of our corporate customers and their employees.