OHIP+ potential changes for kids and young adults with private insurance

We wanted to keep you informed that OHIP+ may no longer cover kids and young adults with private insurance

The newly appointed Health Minister, Christine Elliott announced this past Saturday (June 30th) that children, teens and young adults under the age of 25 in Ontario with private health benefits may no longer be eligible to receive free prescriptions through OHIP+.

The goal is to decrease cost from the Liberals youth pharmacare program (established Jan 1, 2018) without eliminating jobs.  Christine Elliott noted “Those covered by private plans would bill those plans first, with the government covering all remaining eligible costs of prescriptions,” as insurance companies can cover more prescriptions than those offered under OHIP+, essentially making OHIP+ the second payer.

No effective date of the potential change has been confirmed but as more details come to light we will keep you updated on potential impacts to your group benefit programs and employee’s families.

For more information please contact your CBA Canada Consultant.

All information was sourced from CBC News – OHIP+ no longer covers kids, young adults with private insurance, new health minister says.