Innovative and intelligent.

CBA provides a comprehensive suite of wealth management services for executives, employees and individuals.

Wealth Management

CBA offers intelligent wealth management counsel and innovative solutions to executives and employees, providing the strategic framework for personal financial success.


CBA’s wealth management specialists bring exceptional expertise to all aspects of financial planning, including investment, retirement, tax, estate and succession planning, and risk and cash management.

Comprehensive Analysis

Careful and comprehensive analysis of our clients’ current financial picture, and an understanding of where they want to be, allows us to develop and implement an integrated plan that will successfully meet their objectives for today and the long term.


CBA consultants have extensive industry knowledge and the independence and autonomy to leverage the offerings of any manufacturer, ensuring that the products we recommend are the ones that work best to meet our clients’ investment and insurance needs.

Transparency and Disclosure

CBA will at all times disclose all fees and costs to be paid on transactions, and we make the commitment that CBA will represent our clients’ best interests at all times.


CBA is committed to the long-term management of our clients’ financial health. We offer defined service agreements, tailored to their individual needs, to ensure we are there when we’re needed.